IGC Ranking
Frequently Asked Questions
Why have the Ranking points I had for a competition disappeared?
Competitions count toward Pilot Ratings until two later competitions in their sequence have taken place. The British Overseas 2001 do not contribute towards pilot scores, because the competition has been flown in 2002 and 2003. Competitions which took place in 1999, but are flown bi-annually will be superseded this year.
Why does only one pilot get the points from a team entry?
The first named pilot gets all the points from a team entry.
If two pilots have the same ranking points, why have they different ranking positions?
The Official Rules state that "Pilots are ranked upon decreasing Pilot Rating. Ties are broken by the previous place in ranking list."
What is the Pilot Rating Score?
The Pilot Rating Score is a function of the pilot's score as a percentage of the winners score multiplied by the competition rating. Pilot Rating Score = (Pilot score / Winner's score) * Comp Rating. See the Offical Rules.
How are the Competition Ratings calculated?
The competition rating is based on the top 5 ranked pilots finishing in the top 15 or top half if the competition has fewer than 30 pilots. See the Offical Rules in section 3 Annex D: "Rules for the Official IGC Pilot List".
Why aren't more competitions included in the Ranking System?
The current list starts with the IGC competitions in 1999, all the World and European comps since 1999 are included. We needed to include a selection of other competitions to demonstrate how they relate to IGC contests, and to show contest organizers what sort of a rating their contest might get. Because of the amount of work involved we were only able to enter a limited number of contests, we choose a sample of contests from various countries that we could obtain the results for. In future the list will contain full competition results from all the contests sanctioned for inclusion.
What is a Sanctioned Competition?
Please see About Sanctioned Competitions
How can I tell which contests are sanctioned for inclusion in the rating list?
Go to Display Competitions and the year you are interested in. There you will find a list of the contests that are sanctioned for that year. If the contest you are going to fly is not sanctioned, ask the organizers to contact the Ranking List Manager to apply to have their contest included.
How do I get my competition results included in the list?
It is not possible to include any more competitions prior to January 2003. For future contests ask the organizers to contact the Ranking List Manager to apply to have their contest included.
What is the Virtual Competition?
The Virtual Competition is a pilot's best Pilot Rating Score less 200 points. This prevents the devaluation of the pilot's rating if he/she did not compete enough or a competition was devalued due to bad weather and few tasks flown
Why is my Virtual comp score included, but not another of my results?
The Ranking System bases a pilot's ranking score on his/her best scores. Your pilot rating score for the Virtual comp must be higher than the other comps you have flown.
Who decides which classes competitions are in?
The IGC committee. Local organizers can deviate from the official classes.
How do I update my details?
TODO: UPDATE Click here (mailto admin) or go to the Ranking List main page and click on the login link. Choose an email address as your username and a password. The email address will only be used to send you a new password should you forget your old one.
How do I update my name or nationality?
Please send an email to the Ranking System Administrator requesting any changes.
How do I update my photo?
Log in and amend your detalis. Preferably use a jpg file with size 320 x 240.
Why is my ranking so low?
Even once great results in highly-ranked competitions get depreciated with time, according to the Official Rules. This means that if no new results are registered one's ranking, no matter how high to begin with, will decrease over time.

The list is the footer updated after competitions that is sanctioned for inclusion. For background or more information please see the relevant pages or go to the news page. Please read the news page or FAQ's before you mail us with a query or comment.