IGC Ranking
Sanction fees
IGC Ranking List Sanction fee structure
All contests included in the IGC Ranking list must pay the appropriate sanction fees before the contest can be included into the system. Junior National Championships are included free of charge. Ranking list inclusion for Category 1 contests is included in the competition sanction fee.
Sanction fee rates
The competition sanction fee will be charged at the rate of five Swiss Franc per pilot with a minimum sanction fee 125 Swiss Franc.
For competitions with multiple classes held at the same location at the same time the sanction fee is 5 Swiss Franc per entry with a maximum fee of 350 Swiss Franc.
Any NAC wishing to enter all it's competitions may submit a request to the Ranking system manager for consideration of an all inclusive sanction fee.

For multiple National Championships entered by a National Aero Club (NAC), the sanction fee is 5 Swiss Franc per entry with a maximum fee of 500 Swiss Franc. Application to enter National championships under one sanction fee should be made to the Ranking system manager. To qualify for the maximum rate the details of all championships should be entered at the initial application. Multiple entry forms should be submitted if the classes take place at different venues on different dates. The sanction fee will be charged to the NAC for all classes included.
Procedure for calculation of fees
If the competition was entered into the Ranking List during the two previous years, the sanction fee will be charged on the number of competitors in the last competition in the series. If you expect the number of competitors in this years competition to change significantly from previous years and you wish this to be reflected in your sanction fee please email details to the Ranking List Manager.

If the competition is the first in a series with no previous results included, the sanction fee will be based on an estimate of the number of entries indicated on the competition entry form.
Additional fees
Payment by PayPal has been up and running without problems for some years now and we want this to be the main method of payment. Invoices need to be handled manually by the FAI which incurs costs. From 2020 we therefore add an invoice fee of 10 Swiss Franc to all single championships not paid through PayPal. This does not affect bulk deals with NACs.

Events are normally registered by the organizers themselves (Competitions -> Enter new...) but in special cases the Ranking List team can support manually. From 2020 we will add a fee of 10 Swiss Franc for this service to the invoice. This fee will not be raised for troubleshooting due to technical problems on behalf of the Ranking List system.

The list is the footer updated after competitions that is sanctioned for inclusion. For background or more information please see the relevant pages or go to the news page. Please read the news page or FAQ's before you mail us with a query or comment.